Equipment & Services

Our Equipment:

Our on-site service is one of the best in the Fraser Valley. Just give us a call, and we will visit your site and give an immediate examination of your water source, suggested water system, or repair and maintenance requirements. Our equipment is constantly updated, and we only use the most superior quality moving equipment for our installation and repair services. We believe that excellent equipment is equivalent to excellent service.

Our list of equipment is as follows:

  1. Service truck with small crane and portable welder complete with a full inventory of parts.
  2. Service truck complete with everything but the kitchen sink! (very organized).
  3. A 4wd crane for those hard to reach wells.
  4. A mid sized excavator perfect for the larger small jobs.
  5. Asphalts cutting saws.
  6. Service style pickup trucks.
  7. High Density fusion pipe welding equipment.
  8. Bench testing capabilities for single and 3 phase pumps including larger HP.
  9. Down hole camera up to 1200ft