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Water Softeners Chilliwack

Designed for calcium removal, and small amounts ofi iron and manganese. Flow rates 5-100 GPM. Uses salt to regenerate.

Hard water is a common problem in both water wells and locally delivered water supplies in Chilliwack, BC. Water softening is the process of reducing mineral content such as calcium, maganese, iron, and other metal cat ions in hard water. At AJ Pumps we offer a comprehensive selection of water softeners using the most current technology.

One of our services is to provide an efficient analysis of your water supply for hardness followed with expert advise and recommendations based on test results. In order to qualify as soft, water needs to be less than one in the hardness scale, with over 10.5 as the hardest water. By utilizing a water softening technique called “ion exchange resin” our precision softeners give added benefits of less water consumption, low salt/potassium consumption and overall convenience. This results in savings up to 29% on water heating bills and 75% on soaps and detergents as well as shampoos and cleansers. This widely accepted technique works with a resin and sodium chloride to ‘exchange’ the minerals and release sodium ions as the water passes through the resin beads.

AJ Pumps works with a team of knowledgeable certified installers and water specialists with experience in all areas of the water treatment industry. Our precise and effective service will cover all your needs. For quick solutions to all of your water treatment needs, call AJ Pumps in Chilliwack, BC and receive the best water softening technology available on the market today.

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