About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our company will have the highest standards. We believe in constant improvement. We seek to break down barriers and create solutions. We use forward thinking to implement standards that generate a culture of collectively working to improve the company and promote its growth. We embrace change, technology and strive to build a positive workplace with accountability and an environment that encourages learning and growth.

Our Vision

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality water solutions with no compromise. Our goal is to be the most reliable professionals in the Fraser Valley in water solutions and service.

The one thing we want our customers to know about AJ Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd. is that we highly value the quality of our sewage and water pump products, and the service we provide to you!

Antother thing about AJ Pumps & Water Treatment is that we are a family owned local business that has been proudly serving the Fraser Valley since 1985. We pride ourselves on being the experts and have a professional team to provide the right water solutions for you, whether its water pumps, sewage pumps, or water treatment systems.

Today, AJ Pumps & Water Treatment services clients throughout Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley area and the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Our pump services include commercial, agricultural, and residential water pump systems and water treatment systems.

With the combined effort of hard work, dedication, and an exceptional technical crew, AJ Pumps & Water Treatment has grown to become a leader in the water industry.

About AJ Pumps & Water Treatment’s Belief System

It is our belief that everyone deserves access to pure, high quality, great tasting water, both at home and in a place of business. Since water is a vital resource, we do all we can to make sure that our water pump systems and water treatment services are highly sustainable, as well as environmentally friendly.

Our technicians here at AJ Pumps & Water Treatment are well versed in the proper management of water and its many lifecycles. We believe in the saying, “waste not, want not,” so we are able to recycle and purify all types of water, from raindrops to wastewater.

Our Commitment

We believe that….

  • Water is a vital resource.
  • Everyone deserves reliable, pure, high quality, and great tasting drinking water in their home.
  • Everyone deserves reliable water and reliable, consistent, and fair water service including homeowners and agricultural and commercial customers.

Our expertise is in how to carefully consider and wisely manage water through all its lifecycles!

Leaders in the Sewage & Water Pump Industry

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd can offer the best value in the water pump systems we sell and service in addition to the water treatment services we provide.

We pride ourselves in not just providing water for our community’s progress and development, but also in our ability to understand our customer’s water needs and wants. We maintain the integrity of our water pump and water treatment services – because we have those same needs and wants. Visit our Projects page to view examples of installations.

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If you still have questions or would like to know more about AJ Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd or about our products or services, please email us at info@ajpumps.com or give us a call. We are located in Chilliwack BC at 604-795-2568

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Call us at 604-795-2568 or email info@ajpumps.com

If you would like more information about our company or about any of our pump products please contact us.

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd.

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