What Kind of Tests are Performed to Test Water Purity

What Kind of Tests are Performed to Test Water Purity, Hard-Water-Stains-AJ-Pumps

What Kind of Tests are Performed to Test Water Purity

We take clean water coming from our taps for granted. However, there are plenty of times when it can be a good idea to have it tested. Testing your water supply is a good idea even if your water comes from a private, single household well. There are several reasons why it may be contaminated. Agricultural runoff, industrial leakages, and even household chemical use can all leach into the ground water to contaminate a well. Shallow wells are also more easily contaminated than deeper ones. Apart from chemicals, gastrointestinal tract disease causing bacteria like E. coli can also breed in water supply and storage systems after they are carried into them by rain or melting snow from sources like nearby septic systems, manure storage or spreading, feedlots. 

In fact, Health Canada recommends sampling your well water: 

  • In early spring just after the thaw 
  • in the fall rainy season 
  • after a long dry spell or drought 
  • after heavy rains, floods 
  • after the well has not been used for a long period of time 

In the realm of water treatment and pump systems, ensuring water quality is paramount not only for good health, but also for the longevity and efficiency of equipment. Water testing emerges as a crucial step in this process, providing valuable insights into the composition and characteristics of the water being treated. 

How to Test Water 

There are several different options when it comes to getting your water tested. For the best results, come in and speak with one of our professionals. We can help you determine what kinds of tests will address your water concerns. Depending on the kind of test you need, we will either test your water sample on site, or send your sample to a certified lab for testing. Effective water testing helps to identify the key parameters that influence water quality. Understanding these factors is essential for customizing water treatment solutions. 

Tailoring Water Treatment Solutions 

Water testing results serve as the foundation for tailoring water treatment solutions to the specific needs of clients. AJ Pumps can use this data to design and implement efficient treatment processes that address the unique challenges posed by different water sources.


Beyond its internal benefits, water testing allows us to educate our customers on the importance of water quality in maintaining the integrity of water treatment equipment. Informed clients are more likely to invest in regular maintenance and follow best practices for water management. 

In the dynamic field of water treatment and pump systems, water testing stands out as a proactive measure that directly impacts the performance, efficiency, and longevity of equipment. By embracing a comprehensive water testing approach, it not only safeguards its systems but also fosters a commitment to quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. 

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