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Whether you are looking for a sewage pump for sale or you need a service person for pump repair on a grinder pump, sump pump, or effluent pump, AJ Pumps & Water Treatment in Chilliwack can help.

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AJ Pumps & Water Treatment has the expertise and over two decades of experience helping residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland area. We offer service for all sewage pump products, as well as customized packages suited to your individual needs.

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  • Lift Station Inspections
  • Pump maintenance and servicing
  • Sewage pump installations
  • Pump repairs (and other services)

Our brand name sewage pumps, grinders, and slide rail systems (by Goulds, Myers, Barnes, Liberty, etc.) are all built-to-last, and made from the most resilient materials and equipment. We sell and service submersible, automatically operated, and reinforced sewage pumps for home use or light commercial use, including grinder pumps and no-clog pumps.

Grinder Pumps

Not unlike a garburator, a grinder pump is a sewage pump designed to grind up foreign material and solids in sewage systems. With a grinder sewage pump you shouldn’t have to worry about pumps becoming clogged.

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment can help you choose the correct flow rate and head pressure that best meets the needs of your sewage system. Your new high-pressure sewage pump can be utilized for either residential or light commercial applications including schools, small developments, and residential home complexes.

Sump Pumps

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment carries brand name sump pumps by Goulds, Myers, Barnes, Liberty, etc. We can help you choose the correct option, plus flow rate and lift height for your application. Ideal for pumping out storm water or flooded basements, these are also sump pumps that can handle solids up to 3/8”.

Certain areas of Chilliwack lie within the floodplain so if you have a home or business within any of these floodplain areas we highly recommend installing a duplex sump pump system. In the long run, a sump pump can save you money and a lot of headaches. Here’s a link to the City of Chilliwack’s Floodplain Management Bylaw.

Effluent Pumps

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment also carries brand name effluent sewage pump systems by Goulds, Myers, Barnes, Liberty, etc. Our pump experts can help you choose the correct flow and lift rate options. Submersible effluent pumps are designed to pump clarified grey water, wastewater (such as dirty laundry water), and septic outflow water (that is free of waste) out into the drainage field or to the city sewer.

Ask us about dewatering pumps for draining flooded basements, swimming pools, and muddy construction sites.

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Located just outside of Vancouver in Chilliwack British Columbia, AJ Pumps & Water Treatment services residential and commercial clients throughout the upper and lower Fraser Valley, the gateway to the interior of BC.

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