Effluent Pumps for Sale for Septic & Sewage Systems

An effluent pump is a type of rugged, cast iron, submersible sewage pump specifically designed to pump waste water and liquids that contain semi-solids. They are different from sump pumps, which can only pump waste water (with no solids).

In general, high volume effluent pump systems are designed for continuous duty and high cycle rates. They use rotating impellers, which are turned by the water flow, to help break down semi-solids. Effluent pumps can handle grey water with semi-solids up to 3/4-inch in size without clogging. They usually pump up against gravity so pumping longer distances or pumping areas with a higher lift will require a more powerful effluent pump.

An effluent pump can be used with septic tank systems to pump effluent (such as grey water from dishwashers, bath, or laundry) up to a septic field or tank, or secondary treatment system. These pumps are dewatering pumps and are not designed to be used to pump flushable sewage waste (see our grinder pumps for this purpose).

Effluent pumps can however, be utilized for waste water removal and seepage in crawl spaces and basements, plus other disposal purposes including light commercial and municipal sewage systems.

Pump Float Switches

An effluent pump can be installed on pull out rails and you also have a choice for the type of float switch. The pump float switch activates when the water level reaches a certain height. It also prevents the pump from running dry. Depending on your application, you can choose:

  • Vertical float switch – locked in place and ideal for shallow or narrow pump areas
  • Tethered float switch – length is adjustable (they take up more space and are ideal for larger pump areas)
  • No float switch

These pumps also have a built-in automatic shut-off to offer thermal overload protection.

Choosing the Right Effluent Pump

The circumstances and needs are different for each customer we serve. Our technicians here at AJ Pumps & Water Treatment are pump experts and can help you choose the best effluent pump for your situation. We can help you choose the proper flow rate, lift height, pump motor size, and float switch for your needs.

Along with effluent pump sales and installation, we also offer repair and maintenance services for most major brands including:

  • Goulds effluent pumps
  • Burks effluent pumps
  • Myers effluent pumps
  • Barnes effluent pumps
  • Liberty effluent pumps

You can read more about effluent pumps on this Inspectapedia web page entitled, Installation Guide for Septic Pumps.

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