Water Pump Systems Sales & Service

Your water pump is integral in maintaining the water flow rate and water pressure within your home or business.

Whether you need an above ground jet water pump or a submersible pump installed within your well, AJ Pumps & Water Treatment in Chilliwack can help. We also carry booster water pumps (installed after the water tank) for anyone that has low water pressure. Or, inquire about dewatering pumps to pump water out of flooded areas, construction sites, and ditches. If you need an irrigation water pump we can help with higher flow at higher/lower pressure rates.

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Design Your Water System First

It is far too common to over-spend on water projects because of poor water system planning.

The typical mistake is to buy a water pump first before designing the water supply system. Don’t waste your money!

If you’re thinking of installing a new water pump or want to improve your existing water pumping system, AJ Pumps & Water Treatment can help. We can provide a systematic analysis of your water needs and a final recommendation designed to give the best answer for all your water pump issues.

High Pressure Water Pumps

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment offers a broad range of high pressure water pumps for wash-down mister systems or pressure water pumps; hot or cold.

When you choose from our selection of long-lasting, superior quality high-pressure water pumps you’ll also receive relevant and practical advice from our experienced staff at the same time.

About AJ Pumps

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment employs a team of pump technicians and water specialists with experience in all areas of water pump installation and repair services. We are located in Chilliwack BC. For nearly two decades we’ve been servicing both commercial and residential clients throughout the Fraser Valley from Chilliwack, and all points east and west.

We also carry Sewage Pumps and Water Treatment Systems

Our Line of Water Pump Systems

AJ Pumps & Water Treatment has one of the largest selections of superior, heavy-duty water pumps and accessories in Chilliwack, BC and the Fraser Valley. From centrifugal irrigation pumps, to jet pumps, submersible pumps, and dewatering pumps, AJ Pumps & Water Treatment carries them all. Call 604-795-2568 for more information on any of the following:

Submersible Pumps – Goulds submersible pumps have the electric motor and pump combined in a single unit and are installed in the well. AJ Pumps & Water Treatment carries a wide range of high pressure, high flow rate submersible water pumps ideal for your needs.

Jet Pumps – Available for shallow well and deep well applications, Goulds jet water pumps sit above ground. Jet pumps are ideal for supplying fresh water to rural homes, farms, and cabins where the water tables are high.

Booster Pumps – Usually installed after the water storage tank, our line of Goulds booster pumps are ideal for applications that need to boost low water pressure up to high water pressure.

Irrigation Pumps – AJ Pumps & Water Treatment carries high flow rate water pump systems for irrigation, including gas and electric powered centrifugal, deep well turbine and submersible water pump products.

Dewatering Pumps – Ask us about our line of dewatering pumps by Barnes, Flygt, and Tsurumi Canada; designed for dewatering ponds, ditches, construction sites, etc.

NOTE on Pressure Tanks – Most water pump systems need a water pressure tank to provide storage for your water. AJ Pumps & Water Treatment can help you source those as well.

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