Dewatering Water Pump Systems for Ditches, Floods, Etc

A dewatering pump is designed for pumping water from ditches and construction sites, flash floods etc. Many different seal options are available. We can even set you up with a dewatering pump system that can handle aggressive water with up to 20% sand.

AJ Pumps and Water Treatment offers complete dewatering pump services including:

  • Systematic analysis to determine the correct flow rate and head pressure needed
  • Dewatering system sales
  • Pump maintenance and repair services

What Dewatering Pump System Do You Need?

Whether you need your construction site to stay dry and safe for your crew or you need to quickly dewater a ditch, an excavation, or flooded area, we can help you find the best dewatering pump for the job.

Sump Dewatering Pumps – While there are several different dewatering methods for excavation and construction sites, the most common, simplest and most economical method is to use a sump dewatering pump that can also handle some solids. As groundwater seeps into the excavation site or ditch, the sump pump is used to dewater the area.

Submersible Dewatering Pumps – A submersible pump is versatile, portable, doesn’t need priming and rarely has a problem with cavitation. It’s also quiet since it is submerged directly into the water, plus the water helps to keep the pump cool. While they do need to be fully submersed to operate, submersible dewatering pumps require very minimal maintenance during the dewatering process.

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Located in Chilliwack BC, AJ Pumps and Water Treatment services industrial, commercial and residential clients throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland and southern British Columbia. Along with dewatering pump sales, installation, and maintenance, we also offer pump repairs and servicing for all types of water pumps.

Let us help you find the right dewatering pump size, plus the right pressure, flow rate and functionality for your project.

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