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A centrifugal water pump is similar to a jet pump but designed for higher flow rates at lower pressure. These water pumps offer higher operational flexibility and are ideal for irrigation and water transfer. A centrifugal water pump can be powered by gas or electricity.

There are two main parts of a centrifugal pump:

  1. Impeller – Attached to a shaft, the impeller is the only moving part of a centrifugal water pump. As water enters the impeller, the centrifugal force of this rotating part drives the pump, transferring energy from the motor into the liquid.
  2. Diffuser – The impeller drives the liquid through the stationary blades or fins of the diffuser, compressing the liquid and converting kinetic energy into flow pressure.

How Much Head Pressure Do You Need?

To pump more water, you need more energy to create more pressure. There are a number of things that can affect the head pressure or horsepower of a centrifugal water pump including:

  • Size of the impellers
  • Number of impellers used
  • Size of the inlet opening
  • Size of the impeller exit opening
  • Speed (velocity) of the shaft rotation

The more impellers you have the greater the water pressure and lift. You can also create more flow by increasing the exit opening of the impeller, which will also create less head pressure. The greater the demand on this water pump, the more horsepower you will need.

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Let our pump experts help you choose the right centrifugal pump for your needs. We will start with a systematic analysis of your water system and recommend a centrifugal water pump with the correct flow rate and head pressure to accomplish your objectives.

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