Water Jet Pumps for Sale – Shallow and Deep Well Pumps

Buy your water jet pump at AJ Pumps and Water Treatment in Chilliwack.

We not only sell jet pumps, we also install, service and repair shallow well and deep well jet pumps. A water jet pump can be used to supply water for homes, businesses, small irrigation projects, garden watering, or to boost pipeline water pressure.

What Are Jet Pumps?

Water jet pumps are centrifugal pumps with an impeller/diffuser and a jet assembly. They are primarily designed to pull water from a well to a maximum depth of 25 feet.

These jet pumps do not have a sealed motor, so they are above ground water pumps that need to be primed prior to use. Some pumps can pump up to 100 vertical feet. It’s best that the water gets into the jet pump without any air but if air does get in, the inbuilt diffuser is able to dispose of the air. The pump uses an impeller and diffuser to vacuum out the water you need.

Water jet pumps also have an automatic water pump control switch that starts and stops the pump as needed in order to maintain constant water pressure while in use. To prevent pump damage, the control switch also stops the pump if there is a loss of water or some form of blockage.

Shallow Well Jet Pump – The ejector is located above ground. The shallow well adapter is connected to the pump casing and includes the jet assembly.

Deep Well Jet Pump – The ejector is submerged.

What Water Jet Pump Do You Need?

Call our professional team of pump experts toll-free at 604-795-2568 and they can assess your needs and help you choose the correct:

  1. Pump Suction Lift (between 0 and 25 feet)
  2. Pump Head (0 – 160 feet)
  3. Pump Hose Size (for the inlet side, 1.25 inches or larger)
  4. Pump Volume (amount of water 0 – 25 GPM)

Water is increasingly valuable and harder to locate. For this reason, we have plenty of shallow and deep well water jet pump options. These are intended to draw out and pump water from 0 – 25 vertically.

These jet pumps have features ranging from automatic pressure regulators to corrosion-resistant bodies housing heavy-duty thermally protected motors for a more unobstructed flow of water. Order your jet pump today and pump water from deep within the earth and straight to your home or business.

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Check out this ehow.com article to learn more about How A Shallow Well Jet Pump Works.

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