Water Filters for In-Home Water Treatment

Chilliwack is a vibrant city of approximately 80,000 people bounded on the north by the Fraser River. Even though the 2011 World Health Organization’s study of air quality shows that Chilliwack enjoys air quality among the best in the world, disturbing reports revealed most of us have been exposed to drinking water containing dangerous chemicals.

As our exposure to environmental pollutants increases, so does our need for filtered, healthy water. Tap and bottled water can contain pollutants like lead, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and industrial solvents, so filtered water in your home has never been more important than it is today. Clean, healthy, chemical-free water is the foundation to health and wellness, and it’s easy to have by adding a water filter product to your home. A water filter is the newest, most innovative way of keeping water safe and clean.

A flood of new water filters are already available in Chilliwack—everything from simple carafes to permanently mounted water filter systems—can make removing impurities from your drinking water almost as easy as turning on the tap. Finding the best water filter solution for your home and family is a healthy choice every family should make. Installation and maintenance is easy to do yourself and you will feel safe about the water which you and your family drink.

However, before buying a filtration system, it is very important to know which contaminants are in your water. This way you can effectively match the type of filter to your unique water filtration needs. Generally, the more contaminants you need to remove, the more complicated the filter, though there are trade-offs to every choice.

We have very little personal control over the quality of water as it enters each Chiliwack home, but we do have a choice once it is at our tap. We can’t stop drinking water, nor should we, and understanding the importance of healthy, chemical free water is the first step towards better health. The answer is an in-home treatment system. Let your friendly water experts at AJ Pumps and Water Treatment Ltd take care of your water filter needs. Give us a call for initial assessment and reliable advice.

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