Wasting Water? Tips to Conserve Water
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How to manage Chlorine in your drinking water.
August 1, 2018

Wasting Water? Tips to Conserve Water

Top 8 list of high water wasters in your home

Are you wasting water? The average person in Chilliwack uses 400L of water per day, and it might surprise you where most of the water use is coming from.

It is estimated that standard flow toilets use up to 24% of our daily water usage, with faucets and shower heads coming in a close second.

Here are a few ways you can reduce your water use and save money.

  • Installing a high efficiency or dual flush toilet can save up to 65% of toilet water usage
  • A high efficiency shower head can save up to 70% of water without sacrificing performance and save on the cost of heating your water
  • Faucet aerators can save up to 50%, while also saving on energy costs of heating your water
  • Washing clothing on a shorter wash cycle saves water and energy
  • Older appliances will use significantly more water and energy than the new high efficiency appliances. You may want to consider an upgrade to save both money and water
  • Repairing leaks, whether they be from the toilet, taps, or leaking pipes. If a leak in a pipe or tap drips one time every 2 seconds you would be wasting 19 litres of water per day, or 6,935 litres per year; that’s enough water to take almost 90 showers!

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