Welcome to A.J. Pumps!
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How to manage Chlorine in your drinking water.
August 1, 2018

Welcome to A.J. Pumps!

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At AJ Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., we do more than just pumps. We provide full service and installation for all your water treatment needs! Whether you want to remove chlorine from your city water, treat your water for biological characteristics, soften your water, or remove harmful contaminants, we are your friendly one stop shop. Our company offers a wide spectrum of services and products related to water treatment in the Fraser Valley including Carbon Filters, Greensand Filters, Neutralizers, Reverse Osmosis, UV Treatment Water Distillers, Water Filters, Water Softeners and Water Cooler/Dispensers.

Contact us today and we will gladly answer any of your water treatment questions.

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